Monday, October 27, 2014

Stitching Update Finally!

A while back I got an email informing me that the Spokane Falls Sampler Guild had booked Jeannette Douglass to come and teach in October.  Of course, I signed up right away and began thinking about what show and tell I would be able to take to class.  Well, my one and only Jeannette Douglass piece looked like this-

So, I dug it out and began working on it and now it looks like this!-

Finish #1-My Stitching Treasures
Jeannette Douglass
Sorry for the crappy photo again.  I tried resizing it and took another photo with a different camera and they all came out bad.  :(
Good news is that I have the box for this design!  The entire project including the threads, embellishments and box were a gift from a very generous stitcher! You Know Who You Are-thanks again!
 Here is a photo of the two ladies that made the class so fun-Jeannette is on the right and Betsy is the person who booked Jeannette for the guild.  Thanks for a great class, Betsy and Jeannette!  Betsy is holding a cute little design called Take Time to Cruise from a cruise she went on with Jeannette a few years ago.

Here is the project Jeannette taught to us-

Here is Jeannette's finished model piece-

Here is what I completed-a little biscornu (my first!) and the beginnings of the sampler.  Jeannette taught us how to back a biscornu with wool.  No need to stitch 2 sides now-yippee!

One of the members of the class-Claudann- brought her completed Treasure Box.  She used overdyed linen and it turned out beautifully!

Check out the inside of her box, too.  It is lined and look at the smalls-even a Jeannette Douglas wooden thread keeper and some mother of pearl accessories--darling!

Here is part of our class on the second day. 

Should we talk about stash enhancement?  Probably not (this picture says it all).
Now, for other stitching--
Remember this biscornu that I stitched for an exchange at an upcoming retreat--
well, now I have the makings of two biscornus instead of just one!
Here are the results-Finish #2-on the left is the biscornu for the retreat exchange and I added a ribbon and have the ornament for one of my Christmas exchanges-Finish #3. 
I made a boo-boo on the ribbon when I was finishing the biscornu. I put it on at the center point of the top design instead of a corner point. Of course I didn't notice until after it was completely finished.  So I had to snip it off and change the position of the ribbon.  But it was too late to insert the ribbon in the seam and I'm not satisfied with the way I attached it. 
Any ideas? 

I signed up for a "Thread Challenge" with my local sampler guild.  Each of the participants received an envelope with seven different threads in it.  The challenge was to stitch a piece using some of each of the threads.  We all got the same exact threads-silks from Gloriana. (There is a green cashmere blend missing from the photo below).
This type of challenge was done several years ago and some members brought examples they had completed from the previous challenge.  My goodness, some of them were so amazing! Small and medium sized samplers, boxes, etc.  
Trust me-I was no where near that motivated!  An ornament would work fine for me. So I found the small red ornament frame in my stash and went to work with my Just Cross Stitch DVD looking for the perfect ornament to fit in it and here it is! 

Finish #4-Together At Christmas
Designs from Margaret Lee
2004 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition

Of course, I need to finish-finish it, but this project won't be on display until February.  So there's plenty of time.  It's a great feeling to be ahead on something :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Stash Enhancement

Two posts in one day!  I think its a record :)

I was tickled to receive this kit from Lois at Elegant Stitch.  It is her yearly fundraiser for breast cancer research.  Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs collaborated with her on this years project. It is called "By The Numbers".  If you are interested, check out Lois' webpage.

2 project bags and an Eiffel tower pinkeep from Barbara over at My Needlework GalleryThey are beautiful and really professionally done. Feel confident when you order from her that you will be getting a quality piece!

Here is my order from Sara Guermani on Etsy.  She is the Italian designer of the Spring SAL I finished this year.

My recent ebay stash :)

And an order from 123 Stitch!
OK-time to go stitch.  Hopefully some stitching to update next time :)

Traveling Treasure Chest Has Arrived!

Thanks to Kim at Wisdom With Needle & Thread-
She is the creative originator of the Traveling Treasure Chest and I was the lucky first recipient!
After much indecision and thought, here are the two patterns I chose from the Treasure Chest-

1. Lorri Birmingham designs Pansy Scissor Fob-a beginner's stumpwork piece
2. Little House Needleworks Chocolate Box
Thank you, Kim!
Now I have added some more mystery items and
the Traveling Treasure Chest is off to Linda of Stitchin With My Furbabies
This was fun :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Four Fresh From the Finisher!

This needlepoint piece languished in my finishing drawer for over a year.  Doesn't it look great as a tote bag?   The lining fabric is a small blue print.  It is lovely!

Plum Street Samplers
Betsy's House
Finished as a stand up.

Jardin Prive's Joyeux Noel aux Rennes
Also finished as a stand up

The Scarlett House
Maddie Button
Finished as a frame weight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Finishes, Two Starts & Some New Stash

I'm back from another weekend at the Pacific Ocean!  It was 3 days of stitching, eating, stitching, eating  & more stitching!
Here is what I worked on-

Start #1  Jeannette Douglas My Stitching Treasures

This is what it should look like when I'm finished.  This project was a gift from a very generous stitching friend and it is turning out beautifully. And yes, the box was included in the gift!


Start #2-Northwest Sampler Guild Huswif Needleroll
This is my band sampler project for the round robin starting on Oct 1st.  It's not a typical band sampler, but it is constructed in the same basic style.  It is just smaller.  I don't think any of the participants will mind a smaller project :) 
I already changed the pattern and used my own monogram instead of the sampler guild monogram.
(This was actually started before I left for the weekend. )

Finish #1-Renaissance Designs Eight Candles Glowing

Finish #2-Renaissance Designs Nine Stockings Swirling
These two Christmas pieces are off to the finisher tomorrow. Now I have only 3 more pieces to stitch to complete this series.  There is a 13th piece that says Merry Christmas, but I don't have it.
 Please email me if you know where I might be able to find it :)

Finish #3-Dinky Dyes & The Cat's Whiskers Winter Wonderland Biscornu
I used a scrap of misc linen from my stash and some Gloriana silk overdye thread-don't know the name (something Garden, I think)
I just need to assemble this one and it is ready for the EGA retreat exchange in Nov.

Now for some new stash-

I received the pre-stitching for this Jeannette Douglas class I'm attending in October.  Isn't it adorable?!

And I signed up for Patricks Woods Mr Button's Souvenir Satchel class thru Shining Needle Society.  Love this one, too!
 I even have a finish-finish to report!  I found a frame at a garage sale for this finished piece . It was included for free because....

I bought this sewing machine too! $50  I thought it was a great deal.  It is the Singer centennial edition-1851-1951.  Is this considered a featherweight?  No accessories or case.
It runs great, but I'm thinking about taking it out of the table and using the machine as a decoration in the house???

That's it for now.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of my 400th blog post giveaway is #6--

(I had to take a photo of the random generator on the computer because I couldn't get it to show up otherwise-what a mess!  Trust me-it does say 6!)
I have emailed Thoeria and told her about her win.
And I also promised a "little extra" to the winner.
Here it is-

A Pine Mountain Christmas pillow kit!

Enjoy Thoeria, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to follow and comment on my blog :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 Finishes!

I finished GD#2's Christmas stocking!
Here is what it looked like before-
Here is what it looks like now-

Shepherd's Bush Sadie stocking on called for 18 ct natural linen and stitched using called for threads in perle cotton.

In case you have forgotten, this is GD#1's Christmas stocking (Shepherd's Bush Mary stocking).  I added the embellishments and took a new photo.  They are both off to the finisher!

Here is Finish #2 WAY before-

Here it is before-

And here it is now! 

Crabapple Hill Sunflower Stitchery Folder-
now I just need to finish-finish it.
And last, Finish #3 before-

Here it is now-

Blackbird Designs Land of the Free
From Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine July 2011
It called for all Belle Soie silks.  I pulled threads from my stash. It is also on the way to the finisher. And the linen is an overdyed pale yellow scrap in my stash.
In honor of my 400th blog post, I am giving away the magazine that this design is in. It is not in my post title as this is for my faithful followers who read this blog. :)  I will also be including a little surprise. 
Please leave a comment on this post and I will draw the winner in one week on Sept 10, 2014.
Yes, this giveaway is open to countries outside the USA.  Please be a follower or become a follower.
I am feeling the pressure to start 4 new items :)  A Christmas biscornu exchange, a Christmas series piece, Elizabeth doll pincushion and the sampler guild band sampler round robin.  More news to come!